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Why me? Why is my work different from the rest?

I have a unique style that you simply won’t find with other Photographers. Instead of the soft, washed out photos you’ve probably been seeing in your search, my photos are VIBRANT and impactful. I have a ton of experience, and have been photographing weddings full time for over a decade. I’m obsessed with my job and giving my clients the ultimate experience, so you will get nothing but the BEST quality and service from me. One of the main differences between me and other Photographers is my lighting ability. I am known for being able to get amazing photos even in low light, at night, and indoors. 

I have a question for you: In your search for a Wedding Photographer, have you noticed that a lot of the photos look the same? They tend to be soft, overly bright, stiffly posed, matte, pastel, low contrast, washed out, and with no detail and POW? Well, my style could not be more opposite. It is an alternative to typical wedding photos, and it’s something that is just not offered by the majority of Wedding photographers. The style is unique, cinematic, dramatic, emotional, colorful, bold, and modern. No boring snapshots, no cheezy filters or trendy editing, just pure art and real moments with stunning lighting. This style is for couples who are looking for something that transcends simple snapshots. Having said that, of course we also do take classic, traditional shots such as family photos for you!

You won’t find wedding photography like this anywhere else!

My reputation and experience: I’ve photographed over 400 Weddings, and I’m in my 10th year as a Full-time Wedding Photographer. This means that I’ve got your back. I know where to be, when to be there, and when to take the picture that tells the story of that moment. And I have the practice and experience to combine art and technique. You’ll get consistently beautiful, creative, well lit, and in focus photographs. Check out my over 80 5 star Yelp Reviews for some honest feedback from real clients. I’m a strong believer that amazing photography should be among your most important investments for your wedding, and I strive to make the images you receive absolutely stunning and emotionally impactful. 

Because of the level of involvement and service that I provide, I take only a limited amount of Weddings per year. Our bookings are limited, so please inquire immediately for your wedding date. Click here to contact me! You can also email me at .

Let’s chat through email, phone, skype, or in person to talk more about the big day! I love to get to know my clients, and learning more about who you are and your story makes your photos better, too! Your Photographer is going to be with you all day, so it’s a good idea to get to know them, and make sure they’re a great fit for you and your family and friends.

Special Note:
All Wedding bookings help me donate more time and money to animal shelters and animal welfare organizations such as TreeHouse Humane Society.

I’m one of the official photographers for Treehouse!

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