Sami and Andy’s Wedding at City View Loft in Chicago, IL

If ever there was a couple who truly made their wedding day their own, it was Sami and Andy. It’s no secret that I LOVE Winter weddings, but did you know about my affection for Brides in glasses? Sami’s special Wedding day glasses were the perfect wedding accessory, with gold inside the clear frames. There were so many personal touches all throughout the day, including the cake made by Sami’s Cousin Ali, and the wedding rings made by their friend and Bridesmaid Kate. The decor was simple yet gorgeous, with over 700 candles decorating the Ceremony and Reception space

…..and then there was live band karaoke. Instead of a ‘first dance’, Sam and Andy had a ‘first song’. They sang June and Johnny Cash’s “Jackson” together, starting off the night right. What a fun way to entertain your guests! And Sam and Andy’s guests did not shy away from singing, there were some amazing performers! Check out the Q&A with the Couple to learn more about the Wedding, and then some of my favorite photos of the day!

Looking back, where some of your favorite parts or moments of the Wedding day?  

Sami: My favorite moment was actually not photographed, but when we all (entire wedding party and both sets of parents) got in the bridal suite to prepare for the processional, somebody, I believe it was Andy’s father, insisted we all get champagne flutes and have a toast before everything got started. It was just the perfect way to set things off on a very high note and felt like a true joining of our families. Other highlights were the amazing speeches given by our parents and siblings; one of which included a voicemail from a minor celebrity and another was accompanied by a violin playing “My Heart Will Go On”.

Andy: I used to assist my dad when he photographed weddings, and I always thought the speeches were the best part — our wedding was no different.

What was your favorite piece of fashion or accessory, and where did you get it?  

Andy: My brother was able to scrounge up my grandfather Leo’s cuff links and Sami was wearing my grandmother Agnes’ pearls.

Sami: I was completely in love with everything I had on but if I had to single out one thing it would be the rings. Our rings (engagement ring and wedding bands) were made for us by our incredibly talented friend, Kate Bowles ( And it was especially meaningful because my parents’ rings were made for them by their friends who are dentists (out of dentists’ gold) and that couple was also at the wedding.

What was the inspiration for your decor or styling?

Sami and Andy: We love Chicago, we love industrial spaces, and we wanted our wedding to showcase the beautiful architecture of City View Lofts. We went with candles. 700 of them to be precise and let those be the main decor. We gifted them to friends of our who will be married outside this summer and it’ll be nice to see how it translates into a completely different environment.

Mention a funny moment here:

Sami and Andy: We spent a lot of time crafting a wedding contract, the words themselves as well as the design of the document and choosing the couples who would serve as witnesses. We managed to get through reading it aloud without breaking down, only to realize we had forgotten to bring a pen to the altar. Our officiant had a pen in his pocket, but it was a ball point pen and everyone was so flustered at that point that the signatures are abysmal. Luckily we had extra copies printed and we’re going to have dinner with our witnesses soon to have a re-do for the framed version.

Any advice for future Brides and/or Grooms?

Everyone thought we were crazy for getting married in February in Chicago but it was absolutely the key to our incredibly joyous occasion. Every vendor and space we contacted was available and most had discounts. We planned the entire thing in 6 months while Sami was in medical school and Andy was working. We would also recommend extending your celebration by having parties/events the day before and after, which also reduces the pressure to say hello to every single person at the wedding itself.

Are you going on honeymoon? Where?

Sami will be taking the first part of her medical boards in June and we plan to head to Iceland for a week afterwards to celebrate both our marriage and the end of studying for that horrible exam (hopefully)!

 Vendor Credits:

Lighting and Gear Assistant: Brandy B

Venue: City View Loft and Kitchen Chicago

Catering: Pure Kitchen Catering

Reception Music: Live Band Karaoke

Hair: Justina Ripley from Twisted Scissors and Ari Venturella from Penny Lane

Makeup: Maiden Chicago Beauty

Flowers: Sprout Home

Transportation: Second City Trolley

Rings: Kate Bowles

Ceremony Music: Annette and Kurt Bjorling (Harp and Clarinet)

Dessert: Hoosier Mama Pie

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