Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of having more than 8 hours of coverage?
Photography is all about opportunity. If you don’t have to fit your schedule for the day around the amount of hours you have me booked for, there will be more time for me to capture what’s naturally happening, and for you to relax and enjoy yourself! I want to spend time providing amazing portraits, detail and decor photos, family photos, and photojournalistic coverage of your day. There are so many amazing moments to document, and as a creative documentary wedding photographer, I feel that you should have a full day of photography coverage from beginning to end. I don’t want to miss capturing something amazing for you! Even if you start with 8 hours of coverage, extra hours are available at any time. Depending on the structure of your day and if you’d like to have details such as the dress, shoes, rings, etc, as well as time for creative portraits of you and the wedding party, and coverage of your open dancing at your party covered, you may want to consider adding more hours of coverage.

Why is it important to have a 2nd Photographer?
I always want to work with a second photographer. I’ll tell you a quick story. At a wedding during the first dance, a guest knocked a table over on top of me. I was slightly injured, and had to step away for a few minutes. My 2nd Photographer was there, so she was able to make sure and photograph the first dance, and also the parent dances that happened directly after that. I was able to get back up and continue shooting a little bit later, but if she had not been there, the Couple would have been missing photos of their first dance and parents dances, due to this emergency/injury that was beyond my control. Of course, this is a rare occurrence. But having another Photographer there to support me is a life saver!

Otherwise, there are so many moments to capture on a Wedding day. When you are walking down the aisle, your future spouse is watching. While I am taking photos of your First Dance, your family is looking on. While I am photographing your speeches and your reactions, your guests are also reacting. My 2nd Photographer also helps us to get completely different angles on a simultaneous moment, such as during the First Kiss at your Ceremony. I only work with extremely experienced 2nd Photographers, and they are never “newbies” or “Assistants”. My 2nd Photographers blend very well with my own style. Weddings are hugely important events, and my 2nd shooter also helps me get all the ‘must take’ shots, while allowing me the time to move around and get creative! Not only will you get more photos, but the 2 of us can be in two different places at the same time! Having a 2nd Photographer also allows me to be more creative. If I have someone there getting the expected shots for you, that leaves me free to think outside the box and try something super unique and creative!

How would you describe your Photography style?
My style is documentary, creative, and modern. Instead of staging or taking “cheezy” wedding photos, I prefer to document things as they are happening in a natural, photojournalistic way. Of course, we will also take family photos and fun portraits for you! I’ll also help to guide you to make your portraits look relaxed, fun and natural.

How many Weddings have you photographed? When did you get started in wedding photography?
I am now in my 11th year of photographing weddings, and I have photographed over 400 of them! I think this kind of experience helps me to not only take creative and high quality photos, but also helps me to know when to be in the perfect spot to take a photo that tells the story of your day. 

Why does it matter if I get my photos in high resolution?
In every package I offer, you will always get your photos edited for correct color, and they will be provided to you in high resolution. This means you will have full printing and usage rights, so you’ll be able to make your own prints if you’d like to. They are the very LARGE files, so you’ll be able to use them for whatever you like. When inquiring with photographers, make sure you ask if it costs extra to receive these! With my services, the full size photos are included, and they are also edited! You will have access to a password-protected online gallery for viewing, downloading, and sharing (no big PROOF signs across the images) with mobile access as well. You and your guests can also order professional prints and other products right through the gallery if they wish.

Do you Edit the photos? 
Your photos are expertly edited for perfect color and tone. We take and provide tons of photos! There’s a lot of activity on a Wedding day, and we aim to capture it all, while still providing polished results.

How many images should I expect to receive?
It depends on the amount of people and the activity and timing of the wedding, but generally we provide about 50-75 images per hour. We take lots of pictures of people!

How does the online gallery work?
You will receive both an online gallery, and copies of the photos in high resolution. You can send the gallery link to whomever you’d like, and they can even order prints if they want to. You are also welcome to order prints or other products right through your gallery. In addition, you will receive a password to download all of your high resolution photos, right from the gallery! I also provide you with a usage/printing rights release form, so you will be able to take the large photo files anywhere you wish to make prints or other products. 

What would happen if you were sick on our Wedding day?
First of all, for independent business owners, our name and reputation is everything. So it would have to be something absolutely crazy for me not to be there. However, if something crazy did happen to me, I do have a network of fellow talented, experienced, professional wedding photographers to rely on. So you would have a replacement photographer of a similar caliber. But to give you an idea, I once photographed a wedding with food poisoning! Adrenaline got me through the day, and it end up turning out well. 🙂

What’s next? How do I secure my wedding date?
50% of the package you choose will hold your date. When you decide you’d like to book your date, I will send an online contract, and you can make your 50% payment by check through the mail or Chase QuickPay. The rest is due any point before or on the wedding day. Let me know if you’d like to get started!


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